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Blog and resource on the vulnerable art of glovemaking
Blog et ressource pour la bien vulnérable haute ganterie
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How to make leather gloves

FAIT MAIN. Quand Grenoble gantait le monde

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Exposition FAIT MAIN Grenoble

A wonderful show on the art of glove making. Grenoble, France, 25.3.2022 – 27.3.2023, Musée Dauphinois

This show illustrates the history of glove making in the Grenoble region (where glove making became big in the 18th century, based on even older Italian know-how, eventually declining only after World War II). A MUST for all lovers of glove making. A publication is available as well.

ganterie.org – a site on glovemaking

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In 2015 I got interested in glovemaking – and then it took me years to really get into it. This site is to provide information on glovemaking – especially on the (almost completely undocumented) work of the women doing the gloves (traditionally, men cut the leather, and women do the sewing; the male work is well documented, the female work not at all – and at great risk of getting lost, as it is only orally transmitted).

Friedrich Rippmann in his workshop

Friedrich von Handschuhsheim in his workshop


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